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Select Personal Appearances

“Carole Brody Fleet has proven to be a creative and relatable presenter who our families found ‘funny’, ‘engaging’, and ‘amazing’. She met every expectation of providing hope and healing to the families of the fallen and we will love to have her present again and again.”

Kimberly Taylor, Project Manager, TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors); Washington D.C. (military)


“Carole’s reflections of her authentic experiences resonated with the reality of our guests; their experiences of the death of a loved one and the lifetime-challenging journey thereafter. Carole’s humor and compassion mixed with her “tell it like it is” style makes sense to those who are walking this road; she “gets it” and her message is one that helps others understand that. Once you experience Carole, you will know that you do not walk this journey through grief alone. We are so fortunate to have experienced her wisdom.

Donna Altepeter, Agnesian HealthCare / Agnesian Medical Center, Fond due Lac, Wisconsin


"I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for your presentation. The information you present is so practical and unpretentious and totally responsive to each individual's journey, wherever they find themselves at the moment in time. It is a welcome reprieve from messages full of 'shoulds' and judgment. You light up the room with your warmth and genuine devotion to sharing your experience in service to others and you do this for people whenever you speak".

Dr. Adrian Windsor, Program Director, The Inside Edge Foundation for Education, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, California


"Carole is an extraordinary woman by any standards. From major adversity, she reinvented herself and started Widows Wear Stilettos to help others going through pain and suffering. It has been my pleasure to know and be inspired by Carole for years now, and when I see her press releases, I know she is doing great work somewhere. If you get the chance to meet Carole or see her speak, take the time to do so - it is time well spent".

Mark Amtower, Host, “Amtower Off Center”, WFED, 1050 AM (WASHINGTON D.C.) and author, “Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Coach Potatoes”


“You did a fantastic job. Our agents and employees really get the message when it comes from someone who has experienced the life events you have experienced.”

Carol Carey-Odekirk, Corporate Communications / Public Relations, State Farm Insurance Companies, Bloomington, Illinois


"Carole Brody Fleet gave a really wonderful talk and made a hugely successful connection with those in attendance. She delivered a heartfelt and emotionally powerful message that was laced with brilliant dashes of humor, which provided ample levity during her discussion of how to deal with, overcome, and move past the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one. Carole also tailored her talk to focus on our LGBT community, providing insightful responses to questions posed by the audience, as well as sharing relevant experiences and anecdotes garnered from her years as a motivational speaker. It's obvious from her discussion of the topic that she has done due diligence and provided those experiencing grief from the loss of a partner with a much-needed resource in her book. We wouldn't hesitate to have Carole back again for another opportunity to hear a great speaker with a very important message."

Kurt Thum, Adult Programming / Event Manager, West Hollywood Public Library, West Hollywood, California


"Carole Brody Fleet's presentation was a gift to everyone. Ms. Brody Fleet shares her stories with humor and honesty and her vibrant personality and witty delivery provide both comic relief and a lighthearted approach. Our participants responded to not only her generous spirit, but to her message of hope. I highly recommend Carole Brody Fleet as a presenter to any audience that wants to laugh, learn, and look forward to tomorrow".

Michelle Neff Hernandez, Executive Director, Soaring Spirits International


“Carole Brody Fleet is a dynamo. After having experienced the pain of widowhood, Carole decided to turn that 'life lemon' into buckets of lemonade. Through her books, speaking, TV, and radio appearances Carole helps countless women not just survive but thrive after becoming widowed. Carole is hard-working, detail-oriented, creative, uplifting, and just plain fun to be around. If you've got a chance to work with Carole, it's an opportunity that should not be passed up!”

Manisha Thakor, Contributing Financial Expert, "ABC World News Now"; bestselling author, "On Your Own Two Feet…"; Founder, Women's Financial Literacy Initiative


“Carole is a talented speaker and gifted writer. She brings the human element to the table with regard to life experiences and business savvy. She never fails to 'wow' the audience in terms of originality and flair.”

Anthony Klune, Instructor, Long Beach City College, Long Beach, California

“Carole is very bright, engaging, and wise - listening to her speak is a rewarding experience”.

Rabbi Nanci Myers, Temple Beth David, Westminster, California


“You are a fabulous speaker with great presence, excellent material content and perfect flow to your topic. Thank you for providing such a wealth of topics to speak on and I heard very good feedback from the people who attended. You are an amazing woman and a great role model to many - you are rising to the top and taking us along with you”.

Harriet Pecot, Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, Morgan Hill, California

Select Television Appearances




ON-AIR: “Carole Brody Fleet is changing the face and style of widowhood. It’s a very unique look at an unusual problem these days".

Deborah Roberts, Correspondent, ABC News’, “Good Morning America”


ON AIR: "I really admire your organization [and] I really believe in what you're doing. It's an unbelievable testament to survival".

Nate Berkus, celebrity designer and Emmy Award-winning host of TLC’S “Nate and Jeremiah By Design”; "American Dream Builders" and, “The Nate Berkus Show” on "HuffPost Live"

ON-AIR: “They may have lost what took a lifetime to find, but Carole lets widows know…they’re not alone.”

Stacy Butler, Correspondent, CBS 2 News 5:00 p.m and 6:00 p.m. editions

ON-AIR: "Your book is really good because you need a little bit of a lighter side. This is great."

Jodi Moreno, Host, ABC News 10's, "Sacramento & Company"

“You were great! Several of my colleagues commented on how at ease you were in front of the camera and how clearly your message came across.”

Angela Hill, Producer, ABC News’, “Good Morning America”

"Your segment was amazing…you should be on TV every day!"

Kristi Kline, Executive Producer, ABC / KGUN's, "The Morning Blend"


“Carole is dedicated to those who have suffered loss. She is very caring and sensitive to the needs of others, and she works hard to provide encouragement and information."

Robin Craig, three-time Emmy Award winning producer and Host, "Robin Craig LIVE"

Select Radio Show Appearances

ON-AIR: “Carole is really such a shining light for women everywhere”.

Kim Iverson, Host, “Your Time with Kim Iverson” (nationally syndicated)


ON-AIR:  "You really are the poster child for moving past grief and you've created excellent work that teaches about getting over all kinds of things in life".

Maggie Linton, Host, "The Maggie Linton Show", Sirius XM, Channel 126 (national)


ON AIR:  "You are a remarkable woman with a great cause".

Francesca Bastarache, "Talk with Francesca" NBC / AM Radio 1510 Boston


ON-AIR: “Carole is one of those remarkable women who turned grief into something positive.She has a busy schedule of media appearances all across the country and her experiences have made her an advocate for those who are dealing with loss."

Lolis Garcia-Babb, Host, “The Ladies Room with Lolis”, KJCE AM Talk Radio 1370 AM and KHRO 1650 AM Talk Radio (USA / MEXICO / syndicated)


ON-AIR: "This is a subject that people weren't talking about, but thanks to you, they are now.  I think what you're doing is fantastic and you're doing phenomenal work".  

Stacy Gualandi, Emmy Award winning journalist, ABC/KTNV Action News and host,

"The Women's Eye", KPHX 1480 AM

ON-AIR: "With people like Carole to steer us, we have so much wonderful information to guide us through all kinds of loss. She is articulate, funny and doesn’t pull any punches. If you need help to navigate, Carole is someone I would recommend".

Scott Colborn, Host, "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena", KZUM FM 89.3

ON-AIR:  "You have truly become a go-to for people who are struggling and are one of the most impresssive peoplethat I've ever talked to. You are a joy, you're doing God's work and a difficult task for an important segment of our population".

Mike Schikman, Host, "The Mike Schikman Show", WSVA 550 AM / 92.1 FM


"Thank you SO much for being our guest. You were wonderful to talk to and had such great advice for us all. The time really flew by! Hopefully we can have you back on again very soon!"

Jacie and Jeep, Hosts, "The Relationship Workshop with Jacie and Jeep", SiriusXM Channel 106 (national)

Carole is a foremost expert. We love having her as a frequent guest on the show”.

Mary Jones, Host, “The Mary Jones Mid-Day Magazine”, WDRC-AM

"You have so much passion and you really empower people with your message"

Dr. Susan Allison, Host, "You Carry the Light", WBLQ 1230 AM


"What you say is great information for people going through all kinds of loss. It's a great place to get advice".

Evan Gold, Host, "Health, Wealth and Wisdom with Evan and Deb", WHNZ 1250 AM and WMGG 1470 AM


"It's so nice to talk to a person who's making such a positive difference in the world".

Rob McConnell Host / Producer, "The X-Zone", AM 580 CFRA Ottawa (CANADA / USA / syndicated)

Carole is a great woman who wrote a great book and is doing great things – she’s a breath of fresh air. She's spunky and fun and all about helping others find a way to move on."

Lisa Bradshaw, Host, “The Life with Lisa Show,” KPQ-AM

“It was a pleasure to have you on the program. What you had to say was food for thought for our listening audience. It is clear that several years ago when you had a need for information and couldn’t find it, rather than crawl into a shell, you decided to be proactive and create the very venue that so many need. You are to be commended for your efforts.”

Peter Anthony Holder, Host, “Holder Tonight”, CJAD Montreal / CFRB Toronto (CANADA)

“I want to thank you again for being on my show, and for being such a wonderful guest. I've received a number of calls thanking me for having you on the show. If there is anything I can do to help promote you and your important message, I hope that you will feel free to ask. Stay focused on your mission to reach the many who need to hear your story and message.”

Nick Lawrence, Host, “Great Talk Radio”, WPAZ-AM (PA) and “Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence”, WEEU-AM


“For the past eight years, I have had Carole on my show. Her message of hope and inspiration to those who have lost a love one is always pertinent and meaningful. Carole's approach is well thought out and practical and worth a listener’s time.”

Gary Poszik, Host, “Health, Wealth & Happiness with Gary Poszik”, WGCV 620 AM and 105.1 FM


“Thank you so much for being such a great guest and doing another great interview. We look forward to having you back on in the near future. You are on your way to the top!"

Dr. Adam Shafran, Host, “Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy”, WGSR-AM


“Carole's been a previous guest on the show and I love her wit and wisdom. Thanks for being there for the people who need your kind of support the most.”

Alisa Cook, Host, “Alisa’s Education Talk”, KJLL 1330-AM

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