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Carole Brody Fleet, Media contributor and expert

ABC News', "Good Morning America " with ABC News correspondent, Deborah Roberts  Click photo to view the  segment in its entirety

Carole Brody Fleet is the multi-award winning author of, "The Write Difference..." (Top 20 on bestseller list in preorder; release date July 31, 2024); as well as Widows Wear Stilettos..." (Armin Lear Press, Second Edition), winner of the 2021 Firebird Book Award; as well as the #1 Release, "Loss is a Four-Letter Word..." (HCI Books); the #1 Hot 100 Release, “When Bad Things Happen to Good Women…” (Viva Editions) and “Happily EVEN After... " (Viva Editions); winner of the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award, one of the top national awards in publishing.  

A recognized imprimatur of quality and trust among the media, the medical, legal and financial communities, mental health and counseling academia and most importantly, the millions who seek support and direction, and widely recognized as America’s go-to expert on life adversity and grief recovery, Ms. Fleet is also an eight-time contributor to the iconic "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series and a previous top invited contributor to The Huffington Post . A veteran of nearly 1,400 radio show appearances, Ms. Fleet has made regular guest appearances on television; frequently appeared as a regular guest expert on numerous radio programs and podcasts in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and has been a featured expert in national and international print media. Most recently, Ms. Fleet’s work has been optioned and published by a major international greeting card company.


Regularly called upon  by the media to offer advice, insight and education (including during extraordinary current events, times of crisis and national tragedy;  subsequent anniversaries, observances and remembrances), Ms. Fleet is now enjoying freelance writing for select publications and accepts personal and media appearance requests on a limited basis.  Please see the "Contact " page for  further information.

For a comprehensive list of awards, accolades, media appearances and writing contributions, please continue scrolling.


Carole accepting the Books for a Better Life Award from Meredith Vieira.  The Books for a Better Life Award is one of the top national awards in publishing and was awarded to Carole in recognition of  her bestselling book, "Happily Even After...".



* Winner, Firebird Book Award ("Widows Wear Stilettos..." Second Edition, "Death/Dying", "Grief" and "Women's

   Issues" categories)

* Winner, Books for a Better Life Award ("Happily Even After...";  Relationships category)

* Recipient and Honoree, Embrace Life Award, State Farm Insurance Companies

* Recipient and Honoree, Board of Directors' Outstanding Service Award (organization) Soaring Spirits International

* Top Three Finalist, RADICAL Woman Award, Fourth Annual Get RADICAL Women's Conference, Washington D.C.

* Honoree, "Today's Honoree" (May, 2012); awarded by L.J. Holloway and Derrick Hayes

* Honorable Mention, Kindness Award (non-profit); Heart At Work

* Founding Case Library Author, "The Hot Mommas Project" George Washington University, Washington D.C.

*  FULL MEMBER: The Authors Guild

* "Widows Wear Stilettos..."  (First Edition) Top Rated Bestseller by Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Tower Books

    (2009 - 2022) 

* "Loss is a Four-Letter Word..." ranked as the #1 New Release in its genre by Amazon USA (2018)

* "When Bad Things Happen to Good Women..." ranked as the #1 New Release in its genre and Hot 100 Release by

    Amazon USA (2016)

* "Happily Even After..." Top Rated Bestseller by Amazon USA, Amazon Canada and Tower Books (2012 - 2022)




* ABC News', "Good Morning America" (national)

* The Huffington Post's "HuffPost Live" appearing with celebrity designer, Nate Berkus (REGULAR GUEST)

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* CBS / KMOV'S "Great Day St. Louis"

* CBS 2 Evening News (RECURRING GUEST)

* KDOC TV LOS ANGELES' "West Coast Weekly" with Lisa Lockwood

* Promotional documentary; “A Promise for Tomorrow: When You Least Expect It” and "Help for the Grieving Child";

   State Farm Insurance Companies



* National Public Radio / Wisconsin Public Radio's, "At Issue with Ben Merens" (RECURRING GUEST)

* NBC / AM Radio 1510 Boston's "Talk with Francesca" (REGULAR GUEST)

* CBS / KNUS 710 AM "Single Parents Radio with Bill McCleod  (REGULAR GUEST)

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* SiriusXM's "The Tim Ridley Show" (satellite / national) (RECURRING GUEST)

* SiriusXM's "The Relationship Workshop with Jacie and Jeep" (satellite / national) (RECURRING GUEST)

* KAMX 94.7 FM's (Mix 94.7) "Your Time with Kim Iverson" (nationally syndicated) (REGULAR GUEST / FEATURED 


* WRCR AM 1300’s “Angel Quest” radio show (REGULAR GUEST)

* KZUM 89.3 FM "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" with Scott Colburn (REGULAR GUEST)

* WDRC-AM's "The Mary Jones Show" (REGULAR GUEST)

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   (multiple appearances)

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* Book / media tours and personal appearances in support of "Loss is a Four-Letter Word..." (2018-2019)

* Book / media tours and personal appearances in support of "When Bad Things Happen to Good Women..."


* Book / media tours and personal appearances in support of "Happily Even After..." (2012-2013)

* Book / media tours and personal appearances in support of "Widows Wear Stilettos..." (2009-2010)



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* The Huffington Post (national) invited contributor 2012 - 2016

* (national) invited contributor 2013 - 2017


* Previous contributor, Going Bonkers? Magazine (national)

* Previous contributor,; with Emmy award-winning producer, Kerri Zane.

* Previous contributor,

* Various newsletters by businesses, grief recovery and hospice organizations in the United States and in the United




* Author "The Write Difference", release date TBA (Writing / Publishing)

* Speaker and Instructor, The Learning Annex, Los Angeles, California (Writing / Publishing)

* Contributing Instructor, "Healing From Grief and Loss" CD series by Lynette Patterson




*  "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Mothers & Daughters"  (international)

*  "Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Advice that Changed My Life: 101 Stories of Epiphanies and Wise 

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*  "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Making Me Time: 101 Stories about Self-Care and Balance" (international)

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*  "The Nasty Women Project..." Vol II

*  "This is Not the Career I Ordered"; by Caroline Dowd-Higgins; first and second editions

*  "Living Life After Divorce & Widowhood" by Maurcia DeLean Houck and Carl M. Palatnik Ph.D

*  "Making Peace with Suicide" by Adele McDowell, Ph.D

*  "Don't Ever Call Me Ma'am" by Linda Franklin

*  "Bookkeeping Basics for Freelance Writers" by Brigette Thompson

*  "It Takes All Five" by Kerri Zane

*  A forthcoming book by New York City Assistant District Attorney Jill Starishevsky written for grieving children

ON AIR:  "I really admire you [and] I really believe in what you're doing.  It's an unbelievable testament to survival".

Nate Berkus, celebrity designer and Emmy Award-winning host of TLC’S “Nate and Jeremiah By Design”; and, “The Nate Berkus Show”


“Carole Brody Fleet is forthright in dealing with many of the difficult issues surrounding widowhood, demonstrating that you do not have to live in your past. It’s not an either-or situation. She teaches the important lesson that you can incorporate your previous life into a new life.”

Jane Brody, Personal Health Columnist, The New York Times


"Encouraging a smile while tackling tough subjects and providing necessary support and education, this book will be invaluable to those so badly in need".

Lee Woodruff, Contributor, CBS News' "CBS This Morning"; New York Times #1 bestselling author, “In an Instant” and “Perfectly Imperfect”


"Thank you so much for the wonderful interview – your comments really made the story.”

Sheryl Ubelacker, Health Reporter, The Canadian Press


[Starred Review]  "Fleet, who was widowed and has since made numerous guest appearances on television and radio, offers a guide for women who have also experienced the loss of a partner at a young age. Fleet's presentation is frank and interspersed with bits of honest humor. Fleet provides information on how to organize details such as funeral arrangements, wills, Social Security, and insurance at a time when organization is the last thing a new widow may want to face. She discusses emotional, physical, and spiritual health and finishes by focusing on living the rest of your life. This is a book about hope, and women will want to read it and share it with others, regardless of marital status or age."

The Library Journal


"There is no one more qualified to guide, nurture and chase the black clouds away than Carole Brody Fleet."

Stacey Gualandi, Emmy Award-winning journalist


"Carole Brody Fleet is an A-plus guest.  She is one of the best authors I've ever interviewed and you will be thrilled to have her as a guest".

Steve Harrison, Publisher, Radio-TV Interview Report







ON-AIR:  “Carole Brody Fleet is changing the face and style of widowhood.  It’s a very unique look at an unusual problem these days.”

Deborah Roberts, Correspondent, ABC News’, “Good Morning America”


ON-AIR: “They may have lost what took a lifetime to find, but Carole wants widows to know…they’re not alone.”

Stacy Butler, Correspondent, CBS 2 News 5:00 p.m and 6:00 p.m. editions


ON-AIR:  "Your book is really good for women because you need a little bit of a lighter side.  This is great."

Jodi Moreno, Host, ABC News 10's, "Sacramento & Company"


“You were great!  Several of my colleagues commented on how at ease you were in front of the camera and how clearly your message came across.”

Angela Hill, Producer, ABC News’, “Good Morning America”


"Your segment was amazing…you should be on TV every day!"

Kristi Kline, Executive Producer, ABC / KGUN's, "The Morning Blend"


“Carole is dedicated to those who have suffered a personal loss. She is very caring and sensitive to the needs of others, and she works hard to provide encouragement and information that will aid those who are grieving."

Robin Craig, three-time Emmy Award winning producer and Host, "Robin Craig LIVE"
















ON-AIR: “Carole is really such a shining light for women everywhere”. 

Kim Iverson, Host, “Your Time with Kim Iverson” (nationally syndicated)


ON-AIR:  "You are a remarkable woman with a great cause".

Francesca Bastarache, "Talk with Francesca" NBC / AM Radio 1510 Boston


ON-AIR:  "You really are the poster child for moving past grief and you've created excellent work that teaches about getting over all kinds of things in life".

Maggie Linton, Host, "The Maggie Linton Show", Sirius XM, Channel 126 (national)


ON-AIR:  "You have so many talents and so much life experience to share with others...such a wealth of information".

Kate Daniels, Host, KRWM & WARM 106.9's "Inspirational Women"


ON-AIR:  “Carole is one of those remarkable women who turned grief into something positive. She has a busy schedule of media appearances all across the country and her experiences have made her a grief counselor to many, and an advocate for those who are dealing with the painful loss of a loved one."

Lolis Garcia-Babb, Host, “The Ladies Room with Lolis”, KJCE AM Talk Radio 1370 AM and KHRO 1650 AM Talk Radio (internationally syndicated)


ON-AIR:  "This is a subject that people weren't talking about, but thanks to you, they are now.  I think what you're doing is fantastic and you're doing phenomenal work".    

Stacy Gualandi, Emmy Award winning journalist, ABC / KTNV Action News and host, "The Women's Eye", KPHX 1480 AM


ON-AIR:  "With people like Carole to steer us, we have so much wonderful information to guide us through all kinds of loss. She is articulate, funny and doesn’t pull any punches. If you need help to navigate, Carole is someone I would recommend".

Scott Colborn, Host, "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena", KZUM FM 89.3


ON-AIR:  "Carole brings compassion and laughter to what is often considered a 'taboo' topic.  There is so much in this book that is helpful to all people at all stages of life. [Carole is} a rare combination of professionalism and a good heart!" 

Dr. Carole Lieberman, Media Expert, Psychiatrist and Host, "Dr. Carole's Couch"


ON-AIR:  “Carole is a foremost expert on grief recovery and all the issues that it involves.  We love having her as a frequent guest on the show”.

Mary Jones, Host, “The Mary Jones Mid-Day Magazine”, WDRC-AM


ON-AIR:  "What you say is great information for people going through all kinds of loss.  It's a great place to get advice".

Evan Gold, Host, "Health, Wealth and Wisdom with Evan and Deb", WHNZ 1250 AM and WMGG 1470 AM


ON-AIR:  "It's so nice to talk to a person who's making such a positive difference in the world".

Rob McConnell Host / Producer, "The X-Zone", AM 580 CFRA Ottawa (internationally syndicated)


ON-AIR:  "You have truly become a go-to for people who are struggling and are one of the most impresssive people that I've ever talked to. You are a joy, you're doing God's work and a difficult task for an important segment of our population".

Mike Schikman, Host, "The Mike Schikman Show", WSVA 550 AM / 92.1 FM


ON-AIR:  “I’ve wanted to do this show for a long time and was looking for the perfect guest.  Carole is a great woman who wrote a great book and is doing great things – she’s a breath of fresh air.  She's spunky and fun and all about helping others find a way to move on."

Lisa Bradshaw, Host, “The Life with Lisa Show,” KPQ-AM


ON-AIR:  "Every time we have Carole Brody Fleet on, I'm enriched."

Jack Thompson, Guest Host, “Health, Wealth and Happiness with Gary Pozsik” WGCV AM  


ON-AIR:  "This book is such a great resource; I wish we'd had this years ago".

Deb Bailey, Host, "Power Women Magazine" Radio", CJFX 98.9/102.5 FM (CANADA)


ON-AIR:  "I can understand why Carole has been so successful with her books because she has such a huge heart and comes with a wealth of information".

Sharon Jenkins, Host, "The Literary Showcase"


ON-AIR:  "I keep saying the title, "Widows Wear Stilettos…" because it's so great."

Laurie Giles, Host, "What Now?"


ON-AIR:  "Carole is a regular on our show and we love her.  When we announced that she was going to be on the show, a number of people wrote and said how excited they were. Whether you're a widow or not, this is a book that you have to add to your library".

Siobhan Shaw, Host, "Attitude Shift"


ON-AIR:  "You are a joy to work with and a joy to the countless number of people you are serving".

Pete Peters, Host, "Boomer and the Babe"


ON-AIR:  "I am so impressed with the work you're doing.  Being able to go to a source like this is fantastic". 

Lillian Brummert, Host, "Conscious Discussions" radio show (CANADA)


ON-AIR:  "I'm so struck by your passion that comes through your words.  You are an inspiration". 

Susyn Reeve, M.Ed., Host, "On Purpose" radio show (worldwide)


ON-AIR:    "Carole Brody Fleet is just a transformative woman with such a bright spirit"

Lisa Jesswein, Host, "Real Life with Lisa Jesswein"


"Thank you SO much for being our guest. You were wonderful to talk to and had such great advice for us all. The time really flew by! Hopefully we can have you back on again very soon!"

Jacie and Jeep, Hosts, "The Relationship Workshop with Jacie and Jeep", SiriusXM Channel 106


“It was a pleasure to have you on the program to share your knowledge of life as a young widow and to talk about your book, “Widows Wear Stilettos…".  What you had to say was food for thought for our listening audience.  It is clear that several years ago when you had a need for information and couldn’t find it, rather than crawl into a shell, you decided to be proactive and create the very venue that so many need.  You are to be commended for your efforts.”

Peter Anthony Holder, Host, “Holder Tonight”, CJAD Montreal / CFRB Toronto (CANADA)


“I want to thank you again for being on my show, and for being such a wonderful guest. I've received a number of calls thanking me for having you on the show. If there is anything I can do to help promote you and your important message, I hope that you will feel free to ask.  Stay focused on your mission to reach the many who need to hear your story and message.”

Nick Lawrence, Host, “Great Talk Radio”, WPAZ-AM (PA) and “Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence”, WEEU-AM


“For the past eight years, I have had Carole on my show. Her message of hope and inspiration to those who have lost a love one is always pertinent and meaningful. Carole's approach is well thought out and practical and worth a listener’s time.”

Gary Poszik, Host, “Health, Wealth & Happiness with Gary Poszik”, WGCV 620 AM and 105.1 FM


“Thanks for your contribution on the show. I really appreciated having you and I must say you held the fort down splendidly.  We will be looking forward to working with you again… keep on doing what you’re doing.”

Joseph Price, Host, “Reaching Peak with Joseph Price", WTAN-AM 1340


“I enjoy having you on [the show].  I like the dual purpose of your program.  While people have come to the place where they can accept that divorce might be something that happens to them, I think that people are reluctant to believe that loss can happen and might not make preparations.  I think this is as important as the emotional aspects of widowhood and I'm glad that you are speaking to both. 

Victoria Ann Davis, Host, “The Low Down”, WDVR-AM


“We were so glad to have you on the show…you’re a peach!”

Ron Freshour, Producer, “Your Time with Kim Iverson” (nationally syndicated)


“Thank you so much for being such a great guest and doing another great interview!  We look forward to having you back on in the near future.  You are on your way to the top!

Dr. Adam Shafran, Host, “Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy”, WGSR-AM


“Carole's been a previous guest on the show and I love her wit and wisdom. Thanks for being there for the people who need your kind of support the most.”

Alisa Cook, Host, “Alisa’s Education Talk”, KJLL “THE JOLT” 1330-AM


I have been talking about our interview all day. I had such a blast with you; your topics are so far reaching.”

Jackie Jones, Host, “The Jackie Jones Challenge”, KFNX-AM


“Thank you Carole, for an excellent interview.  We will work together are a class act!”

Bonnie D. Graham, Host, “Up Close and Personal with Bonnie D. Graham”, WGBB 1240 AM


"You have so much passion and you really empower people with your message"

Dr. Susan Allison, Host, "You Carry the Light", WBLQ 1230 AM


"She does not sit still in her desire to help others live their best lives"

Kathleen Martin, Host, "Coach Cafe'", Blog Talk Radio














 (Armin Lear Press, Second Edition)


"Carole Brody Fleet’s book is an impressive and overdue look into the complex, many-shades-of-gray, and "Did they really just say that!?" reality of a woman on a long and arduous emotional journey.  "Widows Wear Stilettos…" also includes useful note taking and diary space, as well as quizzes, recipes, exercise tips and our favorite, "Carole’s Hair Prayer". Written with empathy, courage and humor, if you feel like you're alone [in] dealing. with widowhood, Carole assures you with the voice of a close friend that you’re not."

Valley Health Magazine


"[The] author has created a wise and practical guide for widows on how to recover, cope, heal, and find a fulfilling life."

Orange Coast Magazine


“Carole Brody Fleet offers advice and humor in the book, 'Widows Wear Stilettos…' to help young widows cope with loss.”

The Orange County Register


“A widow holds out a helping hand to others who have lost their husbands.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune


“Mourning and depression give way to 'Widows Wear Stilettos…'; a touching and funny memoir.”

The Monterey County Herald


“A young widow reclaims her life through writing - tragedy pushes Carole Brody Fleet to help others dealing with loss”.

The Houston Chronicle


The title of [Carole Brody Fleet’s] book is catchy, but [the] sentiment is powerful and necessary for those who feel alone”.

The Los Angeles Daily News


" 'Widows Wear Stilettos' " is a must for anyone who has faced the tragedy of losing a spouse".

The Midwest Book Review


"Carole Brody Fleet, herself a widow, offers a book that is a compassionate, contemporary guide, showing what steps widows need to take to cope and heal, reassuring that life isn’t over, and that one will love, laugh and live again. This book is sure to help". (January, 2009 "Pick of the Month")


I had the great pleasure of featuring Carole in my book about women's career reinvention. She is a savvy author herself and a genuine professional with wisdom and compassion to share with others. Her books, seminars and resources are incredibly beneficial for widows and beyond and I appreciate her real world approach to a very difficult subject matter. Carole is a class act in every way and it's a pleasure to be a colleague in the field who shares her mission of women's empowerment!”

Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Author, "This is Not the Career I Ordered…"


Carole is a wonderful writer who shows passion for her work and for others. It's clear she is able to touch lives everyday with her ability to reach out and comfort those who have experienced a significant loss in their lives. I appreciate and respect all that she does!”

Carissa Chesanek, Editor, "The Rundown"


"Thank you for being a great source with actionable tips for my readers"

Margot Carmichael Lester, journalist


 “I would certainly find solace in Carole Brody Fleet’s spirit and what she has created to offer help. Her upbeat and accommodating [interview] response helped me understand why so many women rely on 'Widows Wear Stilettos' as a source of support and encouragement. Carole generously communicated the essence of her message to me, as I’m sure she does to everyone she encounters—widows especially. Her intention is simple: to keep women who have faced loss from feeling hopeless and purposeless. Not only is she there as a source of support for grieving women, but she’s also created an entire community to encourage women to stay inspired and excited about life, even in the face of tragedy.  I have no doubt that if I showed up at her doorstep in need of a good meal and a gossip fest, she’d offer me a chicken turnover and great tips on how to embrace life more fully”.                                                                                        

Isabel Cowles,




“Carole Brody Fleet is forthright in dealing with many of the difficult issues surrounding widowhood, demonstrating that you do not have to live in your past. It’s not an either-or situation. She teaches the important lesson that you can incorporate your previous life into a new life.”

Jane Brody, Personal Health Columnist, The New York Times


"Just as there is no timetable to grief, there certainly is no checklist on how to recover strength and joy after suffering a loss. Here you will find authentic, candid, trustworthy, and--perhaps most pertinent of all--pragmatic advice promising that although the landscape of life may forever be changed, the future can still hold purpose, beauty, and magic. With a signature style all her own, Carole Brody Fleet "trains" you to find yourself again (hint: there's no wrong path, but some are healthier for your soul!). Together, you will navigate everything from social media to financial matters to the possibility of finding love again. Sure, it can feel impossible to do, and even more so to find answers, but sign up, dear recruit, and discover this book's wit and wisdom, and its author's enormous-as-the-universe heart!"

Kristin Higson-Hughes, Senior Features Editor, Women’s World Magazine


"Fleet approaches the subject with compassion and personal understanding.  The book provides daily assignments that seek to heal each reader by teaching them how to move forward from the loss, not get over it."

Brooke Allen, Hers Magazine


“Carole Brody Fleet has faced painful challenges and loss with courage and resilience.  Through her own personal healing, we can all learn from and be inspired by her.  I have a four-letter word for Carole: HERO”. 

Stacey Gualandi, Emmy Award-winning journalist


“Carole Brody Fleet is the real deal.  In her latest act of service, “Loss is a Four Letter Word...” Carole helps the widowed navigate the unknown waters of loss and grief.  She does not write or speak from a lofty position commenting on loss, grief and widowhood; she writes from her heart, mind and soul.  She has a personal stake because she too, has experienced the loss of her husband.  In the multiple radio program conversations I’ve had with her, Carole has been articulate, savvy, graceful, funny and yet has displayed deep compassion for those who are suffering.  “Loss is a Four Letter Word...” is a book that you can give to a family member, friend or office associate and know that you’ve selected one of the best books there is to help the individual and/or family member find themselves before, during and after loss.  There is hope and Carole Brody Fleet embodies that in her compassionate work with those who like herself, have experienced the long dark night of the soul.  She pulls no punches and I appreciate her all the more for doing so. Read this book!”
Scott H. Colborn, Host, KZUM FM’s, “Exploring Unexplained Phenomena” radio show


Carole is an angel, not just an expert. Many of us have no clue what to say to a loved one going through tremendous loss. We sit by and watch helplessly as they struggle with their ‘new normal’. Carole’s book is a must read; not just for widows, but for those of us who love a widow as well. As a relationship radio talk show host, I have always had words to comfort and guide someone through every type of heartache - every heartache except the death of a spouse. This type of loss leaves many of us speechless. Finally, someone who knows what to say when the rest of us do not.“

Kim Iversen, nationally syndicated radio show host


“Carole Brody Fleet has done it again! In Loss is a Four Letter Word, she offers practical, straightforward advice on how to move forward on a positive path after losing a loved one. I’ve had Carole as a guest on the “Angel Quest” radio show a number of times because of how much she has benefited my listeners with her knowledge. If it sounds like I am impressed with her, it’s because I am. I love this book, and I love Carole!”

Karen Noé, author, “We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace” and “Your Life After Their Death: A Medium’s Guide to Healing After a Loss”


What I love and appreciate is Carole Brody Fleet’s firsthand knowledge and approach on the most taboo topic in society. Having gone through personal loss, I always learn something about how to approach the topic with empathy and how to permit others to comfort me in the worst of times.”

Lisa Lockwood, crime analyst, author, police and military veteran


"Every line held so much emotion and a deep hunger to create a sense of connectivity in the community of the widowed or simply the individuals who’ve lost a loved one."

Sophia Martorana, Liberi Libri Media Review


















(Viva Editions)


There is a well-known saying that goes, ‘When one door closes, a window opens.’ “When Bad Things Happen to Good Women” is YOUR window - into your own heart; into finding ways to move beyond paralyzing fear and grief and into a whole new life of possibility and joy. There are so many - too many - types of loss and devastation we experience throughout the course of our lives; times when more than anything we could truly use a friend. This book is precisely that - a shoulder to lean on and source of advice and knowledge in the signature comforting, compassionate and clever voice that Carole Brody Fleet brought to “Happily Even After…” and to “Widows Wear Stilettos…”

Kristin Higson-Hughes, Senior Features Editor, Women’s World Magazine


"Finding a way through the struggle takes faith and fight. In her latest book, When Bad Things Happen to Good Women, Carole provides a road map of hope and direction to restore the soul and heal the heart."

Nina Turner, Former State Senator (OH)


"When dealing with tragedy, there is no one more qualified to guide, nurture and chase the black clouds away than Carole Brody Fleet. As a good woman who has faced bad things, Carole has more than once helped me move forward when tremendous grief was holding me back. Now, her latest book will help so many understand that they too are not alone.”

Stacey Gualandi, Emmy Award-winning journalist and host, “The Women's Eye”  


“This is the kind of book that we all wish we'd never need - but unfortunately, all of us experience loss and heartache at one time or another. Whether you're grieving the loss of a loved one, you're in the midst of financial disaster or almost any other adversity, "When Bad Things Happen to Good Women..." will help you through the pain.”

Amy Morin, bestselling author, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do"


"Having previously owned a bookstore for 19 years, I can see this title being purchased by someone and then a few days later - after reading the book - they come back to the store and buy every copy on the shelf to give away to family and friends."

Scott Colborn, Host, KZUM FM 89.3's "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena",


"I believe everyone needs to have this book. There isn't anyone who won't benefit from reading it - either for themselves or to help another. This book shows just how resilient we can be. Thank you so much for giving us this guide! 

Kathleen Martin, Host, "Coach Cafe' " radio show


"I would recommend this book for anyone going through the grief process".

Johnny Tan, Host, "From My Mama's Kitchen" radio show





















FOREWARD (in part): “The most important point that Carole intertwines in Happily EVEN After is that you start to know 'you'. She lights up your darkness like a fairy godmother, holding your hand while being honest, funny, and realistic. Carole makes you think, laugh, and cry as she guides you on the path to your new life. Happily EVEN After will remind you to never forget the past but enjoy the present and not be afraid of the future that you are in control of having, without guilt. Carole is a true angel and inspiration and you will realize that you are not alone as Happily EVEN After relates, sympathizes, guides, empowers, and mentors as you move forward with a life of abundance”.

Lisa Kline, Host, Bravo TV's "Launch My Line"


"What a comfort to know that while no one wants to "need" it, there is a book that will help widows in a unique, compassionate and contemporary way. Encouraging a smile while tackling tough subjects and providing necessary support and education, this book will be invaluable to those so badly in need".

Lee Woodruff, Contributor, CBS News' "CBS This Morning"; New York Times #1 bestselling author, "In an Instant" and "Perfectly Imperfect"


"Learning to live happily after the experience of devastating loss is among the most important lessons that can ever be taught.  Carole Brody Fleet not only teaches these lessons, she dares to answer the questions that many are afraid to ask; wrapped in warmth and hope for a brighter future".

Marci Shimoff, New York Times #1 bestselling co-author, "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul" and "Love for No Reason"; featured teacher in "The Secret"; host of "Happy for No Reason" (PBS)


"The author of 'Widows Wear Stilettos…' has done it again! 'Happily Even After…' fills a critical gap that aims to support the widowed mother thereby supporting her children.  By speaking honestly and from experience, Carole Brody Fleet conveys her respect and understanding of the unchartered territory of widowhood. This book is a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. A true survivor’s survival guide."
Jill Starishevsky, Assistant District Attorney, New York City, NY and author of "My Body Belongs to Me"


"It’s all in here – the emotions, the financial details, the scream you want to scream and the hand you want to hold; all served up with the kindness and humor that can make a gal feel a lot less alone"

Lenore Skenazy, syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author, "Free-Range Kids…" 


"The loss of a soulmate can seem like the end of the world. "Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood" is an inspirational read from Carole Brody Fleet as she shares her own story of grief and struggle after losing her husband, leaving her without the man she thought to grow old with. With advice on adapting to a new life as a single person once more, grieving, moving on and much more, "Happily Even After" is a must for self-help and inspirational collections.  Highly recommended."

The Midwest Book Review


"Ms. Fleet's answers to the questions that she has received from the many people who have turned to her for advice are found in this book. Her advice is always solid, thoughtful, helpful and wise. I felt as if I was listening to a wise, older sister, helping me learn how to navigate a whole new way of living. I highly recommend this book to any reader---widow or widower--- who must enter this new and bewildering world. Her mantra is: 'You can honor the past. You can treasure your past. You can love your past----but you do not have to live in your past.' If you have ever met someone who can’t stop talking about their past, who can’t stop reliving the joys of the past, who can’t let or go of the clothing or the stories or the memories of his or her partner who is gone, you will understand this mantra. This book is a wonderful mixture of practical advice and wisdom. It contains guidance on such topics as how do you start your own checking account, and which hand do you wear your wedding ring on, and it contains guidance on such profound topics as ‘Why me?' and what does it get you to keep asking that question. If you are happily married, I suggest that you buy this book and put it away just in case, for if you ever need guidance on how to recover from the  loss of a partner and on how to begin over again after the amputation of a relationship, this is a book that you ought to have. It is a book that will help you heal."

Florida Jewish Journal


"Carole Brody Fleet is a breath of fresh air for widows, sharing her own experiences with other widows. With chapters on emotions, finances, children, reactions of family and friends, dating and more, Fleet addresses many of the questions, offering widows a way to discover answers for themselves. This reviewer, also a widow, cannot add any more, except to comment on how refreshing it was to be encouraged to move on, not to 'get over it' "

City Book Review (CA)


"Fleet makes it clear that the grief one feels after the loss of a husband or wife cannot be rushed. It takes time to rearrange and readjust one's life. She also has fresh things to say about the intricacies of intimacy, returning to the workplace, the grief of children, and remarriage. This book is recommended for its authentic depiction of the widow's experience."

Frederic Brussat, Co-Editor, "Spirituality & Practice"


"Chock full of personal questions and powerful answers, "Happily EVEN After" is full of compassionate and heart healing advice. With a wisdom garnered from experience, Carole Brody Fleet's comforting, hand-held approach will help you move through the anguish of being "half" and into the life-inspiring solace of feeling whole again." 

Lori Bryant-Woolridge, author, "The Power of Wow: A Guide to Unleashing the Confident, Sexy You"

"Yes, even after the loss of a beloved, when all seems bleak and hopeless, it is possible to find your way out of despair. Filled with compassionate understanding, practical guidance and honest reassurance that a meaningful life awaits, "Happily Even After" is a worthy companion for your journey."

Judy Ford, author of "Every Day Love: The Delicate Art of Caring for Each Other"


"Having lost my wife when she was 34, I know how devastating loss can be. Carole Brody Fleet does too. But she also knows the importance of living a fulfilling life after a loss. With comforting and easy-to-digest answers to many difficult post-grief questions, "Happily EVEN After" provides comforting must-have advice for anyone dealing with the changes and challenges of losing a loved one."

Allen Klein, author of, "Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas"


"Bravo to Carole Brody Fleet! As a young widow with five children, I feel connected to 'Happily Even After…'. Each chapter gives voice to the different scenarios a widow encounters. A heartfelt and concrete roadmap that can guide widows through an emotionally challenging and chaotic time."
Charlene Khaghan, author of "A Tiny Step Forward -Providing Children a Positive Way to Cope with Grief"

"I like this book because it has spunk and because it is practical and not preachy. Carole Brody Fleet's lists of things that can wait for awhile and of things that CAN'T wait can be put to immediate use. Her suggestions for establishing a routine are healthy. And since emotions do not go away, it is important not to skip any steps in healing. Happily Even After offers a strong list of referrals and itself is a powerful guide to navigating a tough course.
Linda Hawes Clever, M.D., author of "The Fatigue Prescription"





















“Carole Brody Fleet has proven to be a creative and relatable presenter who our families found ‘funny’, ‘engaging’, and ‘amazing’ [Quotes were excerpted from written statements by attendees].  She met every expectation of providing hope and healing to the families of the fallen and we will love to have her present again and again.”

Kimberly Taylor, Project Manager, TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), Washington, D.C. (military)


“Carole’s reflections of her authentic experiences resonated with the reality of our guests; their experiences of the death of a loved one and the lifetime-challenging journey thereafter. Carole’s humor and compassion mixed with her “tell it like it is” style makes sense to those who are walking this road; she “gets it” and her message is one that helps others understand that. Once you experience Carole, you will know that you do not walk this journey through grief alone. We are so fortunate to have experienced her wisdom.

Donna Altepeter, Bereavement Coordinator, Agnesian HealthCare / Agnesian Medical Center, Fond due Lac, Wisconsin


"I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to you for your presentation.  The information you present is so practical and unpretentious and totally responsive to each individual's journey, wherever they find themselves at the moment in time.  It is a welcome reprieve from messages full of 'shoulds' and judgment.  You light up the room with your warmth and genuine devotion to sharing your experience in service to others and you do this for people whenever you speak".

Dr. Adrian Windsor, Program Director, The Inside Edge Foundation for Education, University of California at Irvine, Irvine, California 


"Carole is an extraordinary woman by any standards. From major adversity, she reinvented herself and started Widows Wear Stilettos to help others going through pain and suffering. It has been my pleasure to know and be inspired by Carole for years now, and when I see her press releases, I know she is doing great work somewhere. If you get the chance to meet Carole or see her speak, take the time to do so - it is time well spent."

Mark Amtower, Host, “Amtower Off Center”, WFED, 1050 AM and author, “Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Coach Potatoes”


“You did a fantastic job.  Our agents and employees really get the message when it comes from someone who has experienced the life events you have experienced.”

Carol Carey-Odekirk, Corporate Communications / Public Relations, State Farm Insurance Companies, Bloomington, Illinois


"Carole Brody Fleet gave a really wonderful author talk at our library and made a hugely successful effort to connect with those in attendance.  She delivered a heartfelt and emotionally powerful message that was laced with brilliant dashes of humor, which provided ample levity during her discussion of how to deal with, overcome, and move past the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one.  Carole also tailored her talk to focus on our LGBT community; providing insightful responses to questions posed by the audience, as well as sharing relevant experiences and anecdotes garnered from her years as a motivational speaker.  It's obvious from her discussion of the topic that she has done due diligence and provided those experiencing grief from the loss of a partner with a much-needed resource in her new book, 'Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood'. We wouldn't hesitate to have Carole back again for another opportunity to hear a great speaker with a very important message for those who have experienced the loss of a partner."

Kurt Thum, Adult Programming / Event Manager, West Hollywood Public Library, West Hollywood, California


"Carole Brody Fleet's presentation was a gift to everyone. Ms. Brody Fleet shares her stories with humor and honesty [and] her vibrant personality and witty delivery provide both comic relief and a lighthearted approach. Our participants responded to not only her generous spirit, but to her message of hope. I highly recommend Carole Brody Fleet as a presenter to any audience that wants to laugh, learn, and look forward to tomorrow".

Michelle Neff Hernandez, Executive Director, Soaring Spirits International


“Carole Brody Fleet is a dynamo. Through her books, speaking, TV, and radio appearances Carole helps countless people not just survive but thrive. Carole is hard-working, detail-oriented, creative, uplifting, and just plain fun to be around. If you've got a chance to work with Carole, it's an opportunity that should not be passed up!”

Manisha Thakor, Contributing Financial Expert, "ABC World News Now"; bestselling author, "On Your Own Two Feet…" and "Get Financially Naked…"


“Carole is a talented speaker and gifted writer and speaker. She brings the human element to the table with regard to life experiences and business savvy. We have shared the stage on a number of occasions and she never fails to 'wow' the audience in terms of originality and flair.”

Anthony Klune, Instructor, Long Beach City College, Long Beach, California


 “You are a fabulous speaker with great presence, excellent material content and perfect flow to your topic.  Thank you for providing such a wealth of topics to speak on and I heard very good feedback from the people who attended.  You are an amazing woman and a great role model to many - you are rising to the top and taking us along with you”.

Harriet Pecot, Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, Morgan Hill, California 


“Carole speaks meaningfully to people across the generations. She is enlightening and empowering as she relates her personal story of struggle, loss, and hope. Carole Brody Fleet is very bright, engaging, and wise - listening to her speak is a rewarding experience”.

Rabbi Nanci Myers, Temple Beth David, Westminster, California


"As a "girly girl", I just love the title of this organization! Named after Carole Brody Fleet’s [first] book, it just rocks as a stand alone. I had the opportunity to meet Carole when attending a workshop she did about dating. At the time, it had been over a year since I had remarried and divorced out of widowhood. Extremely grateful for her tips, I enjoyed her bubbly yet keep-it-real personality so much."

Rah Mazourey, Rekindle Your Life

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