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Carole Brody Fleet

"Carole Brody Fleet teaches the important lesson that you can incorporate your previous life into a new life.”

The New York Times


“Here you will find authentic, candid, trustworthy, and--perhaps most pertinent of all--pragmatic advice promising that although the landscape of life may forever be changed, the future can still hold purpose, beauty, and magic.”

Women's World Magazine


"I really believe in what you're doing. It's an unbelievable testament to survival".

Nate Berkus, celebrity designer and Emmy Award-winning host, TLC’S “Nate and Jeremiah By Design”

"Encouraging a smile while tackling tough subjects and providing necessary support and education"

Lee Woodruff, Contributor, CBS News' "CBS This Morning"; New York Times #1 bestselling author

Multi-Award-winning author

International speaker

Media contributor and

grief / life-adversity expert

"There is no one more qualified to guide, nurture and chase the black clouds away than Carole Brody Fleet."

Stacey Gualandi, Emmy Award-winning journalist


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Pamela Marches Photography

Discover how Carole Brody Fleet transformed personal tragedy into a global movement to help others and went on to become a critically acclaimed, multi-award winning and best selling author, international speaker and media expert and contributor.







Carole Brody Fleet, Motivational Speaker

Whether for an in-person audience of  a few hundred, several thousand or a television / radio audience numbering in the millions, Carole brings her unique blend of compassion, motivation and humor to every event





Carole offers numerous keynote, workshop, half-day, full-day and break out sessions; customized to your needs and designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Carole Brody Fleet, Media expert and contributor

Making regular appearances in all areas of the media (including nearly 1,400 radio appearances), Carole  educates viewing and listening audiences both nationally and internationally



Firebird Book

Award Winner

The popular international bestseller

now in its second edition

Books for a

Better Life

Award Winner

#1 Amazon

Hot 100 and

#1 Hot New Release


Amazon #1  

Hot Release

NEW! For aspiring writers and authors!

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"The Write Difference..."

is here!

Do you have a story to tell? An idea that might revolutionize the way society thinks? Are you an expert in a specific area? Is yours the next blockbuster fiction series? Are you ready to go from podcast to published author or from blogger to bookshelf? Do you dream of one day walking into a bookstore and seeing your work on the shelves – or seeing your titles featured on major book-purchasing websites around the world?




In “The Write Difference: an Author’s Guide to Getting Your Book Published and Into the Media”, Carole Brody Fleet shares her expertise,advice and numerous resources with up-and-coming writers and aspiring authors; in order to equip them with every opportunity for success in the publishing industry and in her own words, "...provide the guidance that I simply didn't have when I began the writing and publishing processes."  

Armed with an idea, a legal pad filled with notes and with no previous experience in book publishing or having any contacts within the publishing industry whatsoever, Ms. Fleet set her course as a fledgling writer. She subsequently completed her first book, "Widows Wear Stilettos...” in four months. Despite being a publishing novice with no platform, as well as writing in a genre that is often classed as "unpopular", Ms. Fleet was signed by a literary agency exactly forty-five days after commencing the process seeking representation. Six months later, she made her first appearances in national media and quickly thereafter went from being completely unknown, to becoming an international bestselling and multi award-winning author, with four traditionally-published books serving the widowed/bereaved communities.   


Especially given the rapidly changing complexion of the publishing industry, aspiring writers will welcome the easily accessed resources, direction, advice and actionable steps found in “The Write Difference...”. The education that readers will receive includes:

  • The tasks that authors should be completing while still in the process of writing their book and once they have finished their manuscript.


  • Trusted resources providing contact information for literary agents and publishers; as well as how to properly approach each.


  • Resources, links, contact information and direction as to attracting media interest (and authors don’t need a completed book in order to do so).


  • How to prepare for, appear in and follow up on interviews across all areas of the media; including how to become a valued media resource and garner return appearances and subsequent interviews.


  • The items that authors should have prepared in advance for agents and publishers, even if their book is incomplete…or is yet to be started.


  • Professional tips and insights provided by publishers, literary agents and behind-the-scenes members of the media.

  • Ready-to-use examples of query letters, follow up letters, tracking sheets and more.


  • Checklists, to-do lists and summaries designed to keep readers moving forward.

...and much more

If you are (or someone you know is) writing a book; if you aspire to write a book or have completed a work but have no idea in which direction to turn next – your answers are here! Already hitting the Top 20 on the bestseller list and currently available on pre-order, the book will release on July 31.  For additional information, please reach out to

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D.K. Stansbury



As an honoree and recipient of the Embrace Life Award


As the winner of the Books for a Better Life Award (Relationships category)

Also seen on

Carole Brody Fleet, Motivational Speaker

Carole accepting the Books for a Better Life Award from television host,

Meredith Vieira in New York City


Carole's appearance on "Good Morning America" with ABC correspondent, Deborah Roberts


and many more

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