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"Life After Loss" AfterCare Programs
for hospitals, medical centers, hospices,
funeral homes/mortuaries, religious organizations
and organizations serving the bereaved community

Your job may entail providing a vital service to the community during what is possibly the most difficult time of life – saying good bye to a loved one. Perhaps you serve a congregation or a faith based community, among whom you count those who are facing  serious challenge or who are grieving or bereaved.  Have you thought about what happens during the first year after a loved one passes away - and perhaps even more importantly, what happens after the first year concludes; where an unreasonable expectation of full recovery likely has not occurred, yet most bereaved are feeling abandoned by everyone from extended family and friends, to the people and places who provided services to them.  There are even bereavement support groups who will ask attendees to leave the group after the first year on bereavement - and that can include religious communities as well!  Wouldn’t you appreciate the opportunity to continue serving your families after their immediate needs have been fulfilled? 


In answer to the need for continued care after the death of a loved one, Carole Brody Fleet is proud to present the “Life After Loss: What Now and What Next” aftercare programs. The “Life After Loss” programs have set many hundreds of grieving and bereaved on a positive and actionable path to healing and it can help the families to whom you are and have been in service as well. Offering workshop, half-day and full-day program options, Carole prides herself in customizing presentations to specific needs, visions and budgetary considerations.  Depending on your particular requirements, you may consider offering this program once a month, several times a year or once a year. You may consider offering it exclusively to the families you serve or inviting the public to attend.


A few of the most popularly requested subjects addressed in the programs include, but are not limited to:


  •  Attack of the Grief Monster

  • “OK God, Now What?" (faith reinforcement; suitable for all faiths and backgrounds)

  • Merry What?  Happy Who Cares? (coping with holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and major life events)

  • The Business of Grief (prioritizing and effecting financial and legal transitions)

  • Got a Question? Go Home with Real Answers (extended question, answer and discussion)

  • Turning Hurt into Hope: Making the Choice to Move Forward After Loss ***


As was stated by representatives at a major national medical center who had selected Carole's full-day program, We don't want an "academician" style presentation or someone telling our families how they should be feeling. We want someone real and experienced in grief. This was our attraction to you”…and this is the very program style that Carole brings to attendees. Drawing upon seventeen years of experience in working with, writing for and presenting to the bereaved community, Carole says, "The grieving  want to be seen. The grieving want to know that their grief matters.  The grieving want to be spoken to; not 'lectured at' - and I believe with all of my heart that the greatest asset that I offer is the ability to look into the eyes of those who are suffering, take them by the hand and say with all sincerity, 'I understand' ". 


Please contact us by using the form on the “Contact” page or at  for more information.

***NOTE:  Synopses of these or any subjects on the "Programs/Segments" page are available upon request

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